Ongoing projects

Pink Flower

Mental Health I

Supervision: Pálína, Friðrik and Sonja

Topics, projects and discussions related to mental health, recovery and quality of life.

 Every other week the discussion of the meeting is based on the recovery model of Daniel Fisher and L. Ahern and the other weeks it's based on Judi Chamberlin's Empowerment

We will learn about and discuss various things that help us to cultivate the mind and improve health. Respect and confidentiality.

Typing on a Computer

House meeting

Supervision: Everyone

Grófin's house meetings

Participation in house meetings is intended for active participants in Grófin's work.. The meetings are the heart of our work. At meetings, decisions are made about our schedule and other activites, but they are based on issues that the participants put on the agenda. Everyone has the right to vote and to take a stand.

Scrapbooking Supplies

The activity corner

Do you want to hone your skills of activity and creativity?

People are encouraged to try new things and find their strengths. The purpose of the group is to increase activity in daily life and strengthen oneself socially. Fun activities are available along with instruction in pre-advertised projects, but it is also possible to use the available material according to the participants' wishes. Being together and working in a group is about showing interest and coming up with new and fun ideas. You can also bring your own projects.

Supervision: Hulda Berglind and Erna

Running Shoes


Supervision: Friðrik

Short walks in good company

Let's shake off the slack, freshen up and end with stretches.

Group of Friends

Youth Group

Supervision: Sonja 

A group of young people aged 18-30.

Youth meetings consist of support-circles and self-empowerment. In support-cricles people can express themselves about what is close to their hearts, and self-empowerment is based on various projects and opportunities for roles. On Thursdays there are events, and the Unghugur entertainment committee takes care of planning and advertising them.

Support Group

English talk circle

Supervision: Richard

An English support group.

A self-help group where people can share what's on their minds in an atmosphere of understanding and confidentiality. The members of the group are international and therefore the main language used in meetings is English. The meetings are organized via a Facebook messenger group. For more information, contact Richard .

Colorful Dice

Game night

Supervision: Richard and Lilja

Do you enjoy board games and even the occasional video game?

If yes, then this is the group for you. We use Grófin‘s large game collection as well as members‘ own games. Game evenings are usually on Tuesdays – every other week on average – and they are organized via our Facebook groupchat. These evenings are intended for the users of Grófin, but new people are welcome too!
Contact Richard (for English) and Lilja (for Icelandic).


Game time!

Supervision: Everyone

Good chill in good company

We play light board games and classic cards where we use a deck of cards. Let's have a nice time together and play old and new games.


Organizational meetings

Supervision: Pálína and Sonja

Grófin's staff

Staffmembers meet and review weekly projects and what lies ahead in Grófin.

Forest Trees

Mental Health II

Supervision: Pálína, Friðrik and Sonja

Light discussions on various topics related to mental health and mental health.

Discussions based on the various topics related to mental health and mental health. The focus is on peer education where participants share experiences based on the topics of the meeting, others to support. People are encouraged to think about the subject in the context of their own lives and experiences. Respect and confidentiality are conditions.

Orange Dahlia

Support group

Supervision: Friðrik, Edda and Brynjólfur

What's on your mind?

A platform where people can express themselves about what is close to their hearts and share their experiences. Respect and confidentiality are conditions for participation.

Color Pencils

Color relaxation

Supervision: Hulda Berglind

Relaxation, meditation and colors.

Color relaxation is intended as a stress relief at the beginning of the week but also as a pleasurable creative moment. In the beginning, take a relaxation exercise, meditation or mindfulness for 5-10 minutes. Then we let the colors flow through the paper while we listen to music or an audiobook. It is allowed to bring your own projects, eg knitting and crochet, as long as it does not disturb the peace of other participants. 

Weight Loss Essentials

Exercise in Boginn stadium

Supervision: Sandra and Júlía, nurses

Strength and well-being

We meet in Boginn this and walk together for 20-30 minutes before we end on strength- and stretching exercises under the guidance of Sandra and Júlía, nurses in the mental health team in HSN. We carpool from Grófin or go straight to Boginn according depending on what people need.

Field of Chrysanthemums

Take care - a women's group

Supervision: Pálína, Erna and Hulda Berglind

Grófin's Women's Society

Women in Grófinn create a women's community in collaboration with HSN's mental health team, where the goal is to get to know each other, have good times together, inside and outside Grófinn. Everything we do together aims to increase well-being in our own skin, create a good social relationship with each other and increase activity. The group can decide to try new things together and learn about things that increase the quality of life as well as go out into the community to enjoy and have fun. The group shapes the activities together.

Zen Stones

Singing with Garðar

Supervision: Garðar

Singing and guitar playing.

Garðar plays popular songs. Most of the songs are in Icelandic and everyone sings as they want/can. Participants are welcome to come up with ideas for songs and work with Garðar to decide on songs. Let's let go and enjoy together!

Blueberry Oatmeal

Morning hang-out

Supervision: Rósa

The early bird gets the worm!

Rósa makes porridge for Grófin's members and invites them to come in the morning and start the day on a healthy note. Light chat on site and sometimes we get good guests!

Sheet Music

Choir for Everyone

Supervision: Anna Petra and Hermann

Singing and having fun!

The choir was founded by Anna Petra Lindberg and Hermann Ragnar plays guitar. It's is open to all who enjoy singing and participation is free. The choice of songs varies, but most of the lyrics are in Icelandic. If you want to participate, you are invited to the choir's group on Facebook, where you can find all the lyrics to the songs. No auditions, just show up.