Wild Nature


Descriptions of Grófin's scheduled items. There's something for everyone. Participation registration can be found in Grófin's user group on Facebook.

Mental health - recovery

Supervision: Pálína 

Topics, projects and discussions related to mental health, recovery and quality of life. The topic of the meeting is chosen based on the recovery model of Daniel Fisher and L. Ahern (www.power2u.org) and various things that help us to cultivate the mind and improve health. Respect and confidentiality are vital.


Supervision: Pálína and Gerður

Gerður, Zumba and kundalini yoga teacher, leads us in a fun and nourishing exercise on Hamarskotstún (by Þórunnarstræti and Hamrasstígur). We leave Grófin at 11:15 but you can also go straight to the meadow and meet the group where Gerður provides the music, the zumba, and her radiant energy, but also leads us through stretches, meditation, and relaxation. Diverse exercise with a focus on physical and mental well-being and joy. Let's enjoy nature in good company.

Take care of yourself - a women's group

Women in Grófin created a women's community where they do fun and nourishing things together, in and outside of Grófin. Everything we do together aims to increase well-being in our own skin and create a good social connection between us. The group can decide to try new things together, acquire certain knowledge, go out into the community for fun, etc. The group shapes the activities together immediately. 

Self-empowerment - empowerment

Supervision: Friðrik

Meeting topics are related to self-empowerment. The meetings are based on the ideology of empowerment and are based on 15 aspects of empowerment (by Judi Chamberlin). Empowerment is taking control of your own life by taking responsibility for your own recovery in collaboration with other users and professionals. Powerful communication helps people  have control over their situation and life. This feeling strengthens self-esteem, the right to self-determination, and the social status of those who work together for self-empowerment.  Respect and confidentiality.


Supervision: Sonja

At Unghugar meetings, care and empowerment are discussed. We provide Care Circles where people get to open up a little, introduce themselves and share their thoughts and feelings. We emphasize support and togetherness.

Self-empowerment tools -  We undertake projects that focus specifically on self-empowerment, recovery and general empowerment.

We facilitate events on Thursdays but their times are decided among Unghugar. 

Caring group

Supervision: Friðrik, Brynjólfur or Sigurður Gísli.

A platform where people can express themselves about everything that is close to their hearts and share their experiences. Respect and confidentiality are vital, as in other groups.

The activity corner

Supervision: Hulda Berglind

The activity corner is designed for those who want to strengthen themselves through creative activities. In the activity corner, people are encouraged to try new things, keep trying and find their strengths. Fun and challenging projects will be available. The arrangement will be such that it is decided in advance which projects are taught at any given time, but then it is possible to utilize the material that Grófin has according to what suits everyone best. Being together and working in the group is about showing interest and not being shy to come up with new and fun ideas that the group can continue to work with.

You can also work on collaborative projects (crochet, knitting and puzzles) and come up with your own project. 

House meetings

upervision - everyone

House meetings are intended for those who are active participants in Grófin's work and have registered in Grófin. The meetings are the heart of our work. At the meetings, decisions are made about the work. Participants can put issues on the agenda discussed at the meeting. Everyone has the right to vote in the matter.

Group leader and role meetings

Supervision: Pálína and Friðrik

Group leaders and those who play a role in Grófin meet and review the situation.

Movement in Empowerment

Supervision: Hannes physiotherapist (Not available in the summer of 2021)

Friday fun at the gym. A good endurance cycle with Hannes, a physiotherapist who is on site and guides everyone with exercises as needed. (This program is on hold due to covid).

English talk circle

Supervision: Richard

Self-help group where people can talk about their issues in an atmosphere of understanding and confidentiality. The members of the group are international and therefore the main language used in meetings is English.

Game night

Supervision: Richard and Fanney

The group plays with similarly thoughtful people. Games and cards will be different and will either test the skills and / or strengthen each player individually in terms of creativity, solution-oriented thinking, working in a team, and increase patience and resilience.

Walking group

Supervision: Friðrik

Short walks in good company. Let's shake off the slack and freshen up and take good stretches at the end.

Color relaxation

Supervision: Hulda Berglind
We start the day on a calm note. In the beginning, take a relaxation exercise, meditation or mindfulness for 5-10 minutes. Then we draw up colors and sheets and let the colors flow around the sheet while we listen to beautiful tones or listen to an audiobook. The color relaxation is intended as a stress relief at the beginning of the day, but also as a pleasurable creative moment for the child within us. It is allowed to bring, for example, knitting, crochet and own projects, as long as they do not disturb the peace of other participants.