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Volunteer work

As a user-driven organization, we trust that everyone puts their hand to the plow when it comes to Grófin's daily operations. Over the years, we have received invaluable help from both users and outsiders and we are grateful to all those who have supported us with their work. We are always looking for people to help us handle occasional tasks so we can continue to develop and cultivate the work and thus help as many people as possible. The work includes opportunities to learn and strengthen oneself along the way, and can be both rewarding and demanding, as well as encouraging individuals to come up with new ideas and suggest projects that suit our business. Working hours are generally flexible, but we do require some commitment from volunteers.


The cheerleader and volunteer Yoda

What the job entails

Various incidental tasks fall into the hands of our volunteers, including receiving people who are coming for the first time, answering the phone, taking care of the kitchenette and making sure there is plenty of coffee and so on down the streets. You also need to help with cleaning the house as well as putting together a table and adapting the facilities to the meeting that is going on at any given time. This is actually an incredibly varied job, from pouring coffee and going out with the trash to finding songs for singing lessons, and if people are interested, we give them the opportunity to lead groups or come up with ideas for new programs. Of course it is so available to participate in the work!

We demand that everyone involved in Grofinn maintain confidentiality and show respect for both people and the company. Individuals need to be flexible and able to show independence in work methods and initiative.

If you are interested in joining us, send us an email at!

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