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Managing director and occupational therapist

Pálína Sigrún Halldórsdóttir

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Palina  is  occupational therapist  educated, and is also a farmer with  training test  from Hólaskóli. After graduation, Pálína started working as a department manager and  occupational therapist  in Akureyri in housing solutions for people with mental health problems, including rehabilitation in a halfway house, where a holistic rehabilitation took place with the aim of people who went there taking control of their own lives. During her studies at the University of Akureyri, she became interested in the ideology of empowerment, which led to her being one of three people who introduced that ideology into the service of housing solutions in Akureyri. Pálina has also been to London and  Notthingham  to get acquainted with the ideology of the recovery schools and undertake part-time teaching at the University of Akureyri and have been with occupational therapy students in field studies from there in work over the years.  


Co-founder and peer advisor

Eymundur Lúter Eymundsson


Eymundur is one of the founders of Grófin. He went to Vocational Rehabilitation and then graduated as a consultant from the Icelandic Counseling School and as a social worker from Símey. Eymundur has a lot of experience of living with social anxiety and now he shares his experience and the hope he has found. He has, among other things, been the project manager for Grófin's awareness program and has also participated in seminars. Eymundur is very concerned that young people receive help and support as soon as possible, which is why he has conducted numerous interviews in the media where he talks about what it is like to live with social anxiety, the recovery process and how to help others.

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Peer advisor

Friðrik Einarsson


Friðrik Einarsson is one of the founders of Grófarinn and was chairman of the board for the first few years but now appoints a treasurer. Friðrik is a peer advisor and works as such at Grófinn. Friðrik is also Grófarinn's representative in the Consultative Group on Disability in Akureyri. Friðrik has experience of both mental and drug problems and has been recovering well in recent years. Regarding his recovery, he says: "Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DAM) in 2008 has been useful to me, along with the right drugs and constant contact with my main counselors. The DAM toolbox has been bringing me more and better recovery over time ".


Project manager for information and technology and peer advisor

Júlíus Blómkvist Friðriksson


Júlíus is the project manager for information and technology at Grófinn. He has a diploma in Digital Marketing from NTV, has attended Grófinn at various intervals since 2015 and served on Grófinn's board since 2017.

He is responsible for promoting Grófinn systematically on all major media, overseeing Grófarinn's 'Hughristing' broadcast, overseeing the equipment and tools that Grófinn uses to disseminate material and together with Sonja, overseeing Grófinn's events on behalf of Unghugur.



Project manager of youth groups

and peer advisor

Sonja Rún Magnúsdóttir


Sonja is the project manager of Unghugur Grófarinn but at the same time she is a psychology student at the University of Akureyri. In addition, she is an alternate member of Grófarinn's board and has participated in Grófarinn's Psychiatric team in primary and secondary schools over the years. She has a long history and has been working on her own recovery for several years. She is extremely interested in working with young people to improve their mental health and promote further resources for individuals suffering from mental challenges. She is also Grófarinn's self-appointed librarian. 

The board 2021


From right top row: Katla, Júlíus, Sonja and Fjörnir

Bottom row: Brynjólfur, Friðrik, Sólrún and Inga María.

Missing from picture: Sigurður gísli

Former boards

The board 2020


From right top row: Brynjólfur, Fjörnir, Sigurður Gísli and Júlíus.

Bottom row: Friðrik, Eymundur, María and Sonja

Missing from picture are Júlíus and Elín

The board 2019


From right top row: Fjörnir, Friðrik, Brynjólfur, Júlíus, Elísabet. 

Bottom row: Sandra, María, Svana, Emma