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 Other available resources

Places where you could look for further help

Akureyri Hospital

The hospital has a mental health ward and services the north and east of Iceland. You can go to the ER in emergencies to talk to the on call doctor. 

Phone: 463-0100

Web: www.sak.is

The hospital in Akureyri - SAK

The psychiatric ward provides general and specialized services for residents aged 18 and older in the North and East. The psychiatric ward is divided into an emergency ward, a day ward and an outpatient ward. It is possible to see a doctor on duty at a health center, but if emergency services are needed, you should go to the accident and emergency department.

Phone: 463-0100

Web: www.sak.is

Social services AKureyri

The family department oversees all social services and has special services for disabled people and their families. There you can apply for housing.

Phone: 460-1430

E-mail: fjolskyldusvid@akureyri.is

All towns in Iceland have their own social services. 

Directorate of labour - vinnumálastofnun.

They take care of people who are looking for jobs. There are two employees there that cater to people with disabilities. 

Phone: 515-4800

Web: vinnumalastofnun.is

E-mail: postur@vmst.is


People with mental health issues can go to Laut to reduce social isolation. Their goal is to empower people and get people with mental health issues into society. 

Phone: 462-6632

e-mail: laut@internet.is

Visiting friends rkí

This service caters to people who live with social isolation. There are volunteers with the red cross that look in on people. 

Phone: 461-2374

e-mail: ingibjorgh@redcross.is

The red cross 1717

This number is for people to use if they are feeling vulnerable or suicidal. 1717 is for everyone to use and can also be used online at www.1717.is

Phone: 461-2374

e-mail: ingibjorgh@redcross.is

web: www.1717.is

Plastiðjan Bjarg - iðjulundur

At PBI are people trained for work and they have a protected workplace for people with disabilities. They work closely with AMS or working with support that vinnumálastofnun runs. 

Phone: 461-4606

e-mail: pbi@akureyri.is

Fjölmennt on akureyri

A educational program for disabled people. 

Phone: 460-5720

e-mail: simey@simey.is

Vocational rehabilitation in the North

Rehabilitation for the north part of Iceland. Their goal is to get those who have, for some reason, left the workforce into a work ready state. 

Phone: 420-1020

e-mail: stn@stn.is

Active Vocational Rehabilitation Fund

VIRK works with induviduals to increase their work ability after accidents or illness. 

phone: 535-5700

e-mail: virk@virk.is

Web: www.virk.is

Fjölsmiðjan in Akureyri

Fjölsmiðjan is for young people who have a decicion to make, they work at fjölsmiðjan until they are ready to go back to work or school.

phone: 414-9380

e-mail: erlingur@fjolsmidjan.is

web: fjolsmidjan.com

The National Church

Preasts have a lot to offer, each in their own church

Miðjan - Húsavík

Miðjan is a rehabilitation, daycenter and mental health instutution in Húsavík. 

phone: 464-1201

e-mail: siggahauks@nordurthing.is

Knowledge network of parliamentarians

Þekkinganet works to increse education in their area. They have classes and are a go between about study oppertunities in the area. 

phone: 464-5100

Fararskólinn - Skagafjörður

Fararskólinn operates in Skagafjarðar- and Húnavatnssýsla. In the boarding school, it is possible to attend various courses, both work-related and to enrich leisure activities. Farskólinn has an agreement with Fjölmennt, an adult education for the disabled, to offer courses for people with various disabilities.