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Flying Lanterns

Ongoing projects

Here's a list of projects that we are working on making available. If people are interested in helping, they are encouraged to get in touch with us.


Podcast and Tech room

Help wanted

Hughristingur – Grófin's podcast


Grófin's Technical Room: A technical room needs to be set up and equipment consisting of a computer, a program for image and sound processing, recording equipment for image and sound and a tripod. This will give us possibilities for various projects such as promotional materials for Grófnn, educational materials, as well as music and video production. The group makes suggestions for materials, their preparation, and processing.

Lausa skrúfan - The Loose Screw

In the works

This project is led by Sigurður Gísli.

The Loose Screw is a fundraising initiative of Grófin but is also meant to increase awareness of mental health issues and the importance of maintaining good mental health. Those who want to assist with this project can contact Sigurður Gísli.

Bíóklúbbur - Cinema club

Help wanted

Rósa leads this project. 

Once a month a movie is shown on the projector. Three films are available which are then voted on. Popcorn, soda, and good company. Will be available when the situation allows.

Gönguhópur - Walking group

Help wanted

Short walks in good company. Let's freshen up with a brisk walk!

Do you have an idea for a group or an event? 
Be in touch! 

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