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Group work

There is a variety of group work in Grófin and we are always looking for good ideas and improvements. There are four core groups in Grófin: Recovery, Self-empowerment (based on the ideology of Empowerment), Talk-circle, and the Core meeting of Grófin. These are the groups that are always on our schedule and they need to meet certain standards. It should be mentioned that these meetings are open to all of Grófin's users, and the group leaders should read out the introduction to the meeting as it reiterates the importance of respect and confidentiality to the group. The group leader also introduces the topics of the meeting and reviews the rules of the group. After the topic is introduced each user can express themselves.

Although these core meetings deal with different issues, they all have in common that they train people - and give them the freedom to express themselves. You can read more about the peer-to-peer approach on the site. A schedule can be found to find out when the meetings are.

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